Junior Rangers Return in August 2017

Let’s Travel Back in Time at Walden Pond!

Register for one or more sessions in the series! Call 978-369-3254 or email us at walden.pond@state.ma.us. Children ages 7-12 can become naturalists as they travel back in time. They will join park interpretive staff as we conduct hands-on experiments and activities to learn about plants and animals as Henry David Thoreau did. All Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Session #1Monday, August 7, 9am-10:30amWho was Henry David Thoreau? Meet Henry (as portrayed by Richard Smith) and become a nature detective while roaming Walden Woods.

Session #2Tuesday, August 8, 9am-10:30am-Pieces of the Past! Learn to use 1800 era tools. Meet and greet a Mounted State Trooper horse patrol protecting Walden Pond.

Session#3Wednesday, August 9, 9am-10:30amWhat Lies Beneath: Walden “Ponding” Adventure-activities examining past and present pond inhabitantss with aquatic biologists

Session#4Thursday, August 10, 9am-10:30amIce in August-hands-on experiments explaining glacial formation of Walden Pond and the 19th Century ice trade.

Registrants earn the Junior Ranger Activity Guide. Attend two sessions to earn a Junior Ranger Certificate. Attend three sessions to earn a Junior Ranger badge. 4 sessions, earn a chevron.

Regular parking fees apply.